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Bronwen Castor

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May 15, 2013

Bronwen has over 30 years experience as a social and marketing researcher. Bronwen was educated in Australia and holds a BA from ANU, Canberra, a Certificate of Commercial Mediation and a Certificate in TESOL from the Institute of Languages (UNSW). She has worked in both the public and private sectors providing informed advice on issues and their social impact. Bronwen has also undertaken monitoring and evaluation programs for commercial and not for profit sectors and is particularly interested in social and planning issues in south east Asia and the Pacific.

As a Director of Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd, Bronwen brings a pragmatic, insightful approach to all arboricultural and social impact projects undertaken by the company. Bronwen is the Principal of Bronwen Castor & Associates, a division of Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd.

Bronwen is a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Association, Planning Institute of Australia (Social Planning Chapter), Institute of Company Directors, Australian Dispute Resolution Association and more recently the Australasian Evaluation Society Inc.

Bronwen has been a participant in Planning Institute of Australia study tours of Scandinavia and China as a Social Planning Chapter representative. On declaration of independence, Bronwen was also involved in the PIA Working Group to East Timor.