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The consolidation of residential development in cities around the world has created an environment where less space is available for trees and landscapes: the key components of urban forests. As a consequence, qualified, detailed assessment of development impacts on our urban forests has become increasingly important.

Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd provides complete arboricultural assessment, monitoring and reporting services to accompany all types and stages of urban development. Whether it be Greenfields or bushland, the redevelopment of an existing industrial or residential site, subdivision or alterations and additions to a residential dwelling, we provide cost effective arborist’s reports and advice to assist the process. By implementing site responsive design and construction methods, Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd are able to minimise the loss of, or damage to existing trees and retain the landscape aesthetics of the site.

The level of sophistication of arborist’s reports demanded by government, the Courts and the private sector has increased significantly over the past decade.  In 2009 Australian Standards released the benchmark document for assessing and monitoring trees prior to, during and following construction:  AS4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites.  Our Director Peter Castor was an industry representative on the Standards Australia Panel for the development of AS4970-2009 and we are particularly supportive of its use as a tool by which urban forests can be managed and maintained.

Arborist Reports

Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd arborist’s reports are robust, contain full scientific explanation of conclusions and provide practical, project specific arboricultural advice.  As of June, 2014 we had prepared over 2,300 written reports.  Having a qualified team of Arborists with specific arboricultural development and construction site experience, means we can get it right the first time, thus minimising costs and saving time for our clients.  We prepare written reports including:

  • Arboricultural Audits
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessments to accompany Development Applications
  • Arboricultural Hazard Assessments
  • Tree Valuations
  • Pest and Disease Identification
  • Pre-purchase Arboricultural Assessments
  • QTRA and TRAQ Tree Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Statute Breeches
  • Building and Property Damage Assessments
  • Workplace Accident Analysis
  • Arboricultural Internal Diagnostic Testing
  • Tree Root Mapping
  • Arboricultural Monitoring During Construction and Defects Liability Periods
  • Statements of Evidence for use in Land & Environment Court, Supreme and District Courts

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An example of a Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd Arboricultural Implications Plan

An example of a Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd Arboricultural Implications Plan


Tree Protection Plan

An example of a Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd Tree Protection Plan


Tree Location Plan

An example of a Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd Tree Location Plan