Tree Wise Men

Social Planning & Commercial Mediation

Social Impact Assessments provide valuable insights into the impact of proposed development on individuals and communities. Whether it be the construction of a new highway, a brothel in a retail shopping area, an extension of hotel trading hours or the provision of affordable housing, understanding the impact of such development on stakeholders is essential in a civil society.

Under the auspices of Bronwen Castor & Associates, Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd Director, Bronwen Castor brings over two decades of experience as a Social Researcher and Planner conducting qualitative and quantitative investigations into the attitudes and needs of individuals and other stakeholders. Bronwen Castor also provides Expert Evidence as Social Planner in the NSW Land & Environment Court.

Many of the problems which arise between property owners, their neighbours or Councils can be resolved early through mediation instead of in the Courts. Bronwen Castor is a qualified Commercial Mediator and provides mediation services as part of Bronwen Castor & Associates. Commercial mediation is a valuable tool, particularly if the Mediator is familiar with building Codes, development controls and environmental requirements.

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