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November 15, 2013

In October 2013 The Tree Wise Project, an initiative of Tree Wise Men® Australia Pty Ltd participated in a jam packed two day Social Marketplace organised by the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW.  Billed as “a game changing event for impact investing” the event was the first of its kind to be held anywhere in the world.

The social marketplace was a combination of trading floor and conference.  A small number of social enterprises at different stages of development including The Tree Wise Project undertook a two month program of training and business management prior to exhibiting their wares at the conference.  The purpose of the marketplace was to attract investors in a simulated market environment.  The conference component of the marketplace provided attendees with the opportunity to keep abreast of challenges and opportunities in the global social enterprise marketplace and to mix it with the best in this newly emerging investment sphere.

The Tree Wise Project is a start-up enterprise based in Bali, Indonesia.  The project uses capacity building, culture, conservation and sound business practices to work with local enterprises in Bali to revitalise the growth of cultural keystone plant species, hence the by-line “Growing Back Bali’s Culture”.  The project seeks to achieve this aim in three key ways:

  1. Online training for schools, universities and partner growers
  2. Arboretum and Training centre (horticultural, environmental sustainability & small business)
  3. Growth and distribution of high value plant species for local and international markets

The site for the Arboretum has been secured and our Balinese partners are excitedly developing plans for the enterprise.  Watch this space for developments and opportunities for investment.